The prospectus for climate change says that we need to act now to save the planet. This isn’t true at all. It is created by a self interested lobby group, only looking out for themselves. Read my whole article, and hear me out for a new and more truthful perspective.

The Earth has existed for 4.5 billion years. In that time there have been many tenants living on it’s surface. Of all the animals who lived here, 99.9% have become extinct. Not because of the actions of any particular animal; there have been five big extinction events:

  • Ordovcian-silurian extinction —… is a modern URL shortener. It is built with the latest cloud tools and techniques and can scale to millions of concurrent users. It costs nothing to run. Literally nothing each month. The techniques used for Shortify are very important for entrepreneur developers looking to build something that is engineered for the future, but doesn’t cost the earth.

Shortify actually has a second, less public use case; it is my lab. Shortify has been massively over engineered — you could run a service similar to Shortify with a simple PHP script on one VPS. …

Today I would just look to the cloud. In years gone by that wasn’t an option.

From Old School…

In one of my past positions many years ago, I rose to the position of Head of IT. I inherited a real old school startup environment. Not today’s kind of startup where very smart people have chosen some of the latest technology and the whole thing is run by AWS or GCP. Old school…

All the data for the company was stored on a single instance of MySQL, carefully backed up every couple of days by a windows vbs script which ran as a…

Is it possible to use a private repo for a Google Cloud function? Yes, but…

Go Modules

Google Cloud Functions have support for Go modules. You can either use the traditional goroot or use a module. Whichever way you go, if you use any kind of library based on a private repo, Google Cloud Build will not be able to download the required package(s).

Vendor Directory Workaround

To get module support with private repos, you need to fall back on an older dependency system, the Vendor folder. By running go mod vendor, Go will produce a vendor folder containing all the source code for your…

Serverless on GCP comes in two forms; Cloud Functions and Cloud Run. Here are the key differences and here is why you should choose Cloud Run.

Cloud Functions

Cloud functions essentially work by uploading source code to Google. Your code is automatically build using Google Cloud Build into a GCP Cloud Function.

Your cloud function is executed on demand; it can be triggered by:

  • HTTP
  • Cloud Storage — files added to or deleted from buckets
  • Pub/Sub — trigger your functions based on messages in pub/sub topics to develop a fully event driven solution
  • Firestore — trigger your functions based on the creation…


Go developer with experience of Kubernetes, Docker, GCP, AWS, Serverless (Lambda, Google Cloud Run, Google Cloud Functions), event based architecture and others

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